Depot Level Weapons Platform Support

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BI-SI provides depot level aircraft maintenance support. This involves comprehensive and extensive overhauls, refurbishments, and major modifications that go beyond routine or line maintenance. This support is critical for ensuring aircraft longevity, safety, and optimal performance. 

  • Coordinates overhauling, rebuilding, and structurally repairing weapons platforms this involves stripping down the platforms to inspect, repair, or replace core components and systems
  • Ensuring weapons platforms meet rigorous safety and performance standards.
  • Provides a workforce with specialized expertise in various weapon systems, capable of executing these complex maintenance tasks.
  • Utilizes advanced equipment, IT systems and facilities designed specifically for the in-depth maintenance.
  • We play a crucial role in extending the service life of the platforms, enhancing their reliability, and ensuring they meet stringent engineering standards and operational requirements.
  • Provides depot level aircraft and component maintenance support.

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